IR 64 Raw Rice

IR64 White Rice Long Grain (Raw) ... IR64 Long Grain White Rice ( approx. AGL= 6.1 mm) is organically cultivated, and properly cleaned before packaging. IR64 Long Grain White Rice is a great choice to look for aroma and taste. IR- 64 is milled in Andhra pradesh of India.We have authentic suppliers from the cluster of the rice millers in Andhra Pradesh, which are processing tons of the IR-64 rice and produces double polished, silky and SORTEX cleaned WHITE rice. It’s Available in 5% Broken, 25% Broken and 100% Broken grain ratio.


Specification of IR64 White Rice Long Grain 25% Broken
Brokens on 2/3 rd basis 5% Max
Moisture 14% Max
Damaged / Discoloured /Yellow Grains 2% Max
Yellow Grains 1% Max
Red /Red Streaks 0.5% Max
Foreign Matter including Paddy 0.25% Max
Chalky Grains ? ( Half ) Basis ) 6 % Max
Natural Admixture of Rice 5% Max
Average length of Rice 6.00 MM
Milling Degree Well Milled
Quality Non Sortex