About Us


Sai Lakshmi Food and Agriculture, the venture of Sai Lakshmi Cotton Mills have been started since 2008 with the aim to provide the best quality of agricultural and food products of India which is available and can be accessed worldwide. Our broad product line and supply chain members, as well as our customers, are constantly allowing us to experience the dynamism of market trends and so we are expanding our product line each year according to the seasons and requirements.



Product availability

We have a good relationship with direct farmers and Growers for Agriculture products Like Millet, Rice, and Wheat, and all kind of vegetables as well so we promise you to give very fresh and healthy foods that are pesticides free. Also having a healthy relationship with homemade spices manufacturers where you get to feel the taste like you are at home and the direct factory producers of healthy and pure edible oils. We are also offering namkeen of the well-known producer from Nadiad  M/s Navinchandra Somabhai Bhavsar.


We own a spacious warehousing facility that is fully equipped with advanced arrangements for fire, stock lifting, temperature control, and others to maintain the original quality of agriculture and food products. We have Frozen facilities that maintain a constant temperature for the products stored there. We don't compromise in maintaining the cleanliness, well-maintained space, and free of any conditions that could cause health problems (i.e., bacteria, rodents, insects, fungus, etc.). Thus we are operating under strict regulations

Way of working

We have dedicated staff who look after the proactive approach to pest control both inside and outside (e.g., traps, spraying, etc.). We have facilitated pest control plan and survey the warehouse regularly to look for signs of infiltration (holes in the building, droppings, insects, etc.).quality of the product; looking after storage maintenance and packaging as well at last also taking care of logistics in way of on-time delivery and always ready for customer support in a way to satisfy customers.




We entered the made-ups business in 2008, perfecting our products for export to the U.S.A market. Over the last four years, we have successfully expanded to the Australian, European, and South African markets. Our factory is located in Palladam over the previous 12 years. It is 35 km away from Coimbatore and is a state of the art sewing unit with all modern sewing machinery. We are deeply engaged in the manufacturing of bed linen sheet sets for over a decade now and manufacture our products to suit the likes of markets like India, the USA, Australia, South Africa, and Europe. We also have started to supply white institutional fabrics (high-quality cotton) to various clients in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi who provide to the hotel industry.

Upon our interest in the Agricultural and food products, we were doing the business on a small scale for only few products. We really got a  great love from our customers which motivated us to go to exporting our food products. Hope we get the same love and care for future establishments.




To delight our consumers worldwide by providing agriculture and food products with Superior quality and with good value.  To inspire our people to work passionately and harmoniously. To equip our people to be globally competitive. To continuously improve our business processes. To actively participate in the industrialization of the agricultural sector. To contribute to the growth of society as we grow the company’s business.

To export foods that are made in an eco-friendly manner thus we save the Green Environment Of the Earth for the Future Generation.




To provide a high quality of agricultural and food products to our customers, keeping inline commitments with regards to quality incumbency, well-timed shipments, and a transparent business approach. In doing so, believing that every move, we deliver value and trust to our customers with 100% satisfaction.

We want to become PREMIUM in exporting food products 



Customer Commitment  

We always aim to build customer relationships at any cost. We deliver what we have committed it valued a lot for us to stay in long term relationships with our customers.

We understand you can go anywhere but we are glad you are here... 
Welcome to Sai Lakshmi Food and Agriculture family!!!


We always provide standard products ( in terms of superior quality) and unsurpassed service that together deliver premium value for our customers.

Quality is not an act its an habit for us


We uphold the highest standard of integrity in all of our actions.

Integrity is not somthing that we show others its somthing that tells how we behave behind you

Team Work  

We always believe in working together across the boundaries to meet the needs of our customers and to reach the goal.

Coming together is beginning and keeping together is progress but working together is success

Respect for People

We value our people, always try to encourage their development, listen to their suggestions and recommendation, and appreciate their performances by giving them rewards.

Respect is one of the greates sign of love ...
We show more respect because we love all our customers!!!

A will to win

We are having a unanimous goal of a winning market place and in every aspect of our business.

Where there is a will there is a way .. We open ways for your business