Food products require special care and handling across the entire supply chain. If we add the complexities of regulatory compliance to the equation and the situation becomes even more challenging.


Finding the right warehouse for food storage and distribution is an important task that shouldn’t be taken lightly so we took it very firmly and have been maintaining the warehouse with all quality conditions and certifications. We will check our warehouse under the below categories and ensure that the products are kept safe

  • Leaks in the roof, walls, or edges of the foundation.
  • Weeds, standing water, trash, or rodent tracks/burrows around the perimeter of the building.
  • Cleaning agents, pesticides, and other chemicals in the vicinity of the general storage area with food products.
  • Holes in the windows or the window frames.
  • Damage to the exterior of the building such as cracks, holes, open pipes, etc

We instruct all employees of food grade storage warehouses must wash their hands with company-supplied soaps in sinks equipped with hygienic drying systems. Records of new employee training in the areas of food safety, personal hygiene, quality awareness, incident and crisis management, as well as traceability are kept and updated.