Snacks & Sweets Inventory

They have modern machines to manufacture and pack the sweets and snacks with all kinds of certifications that are required since they take in lots of interest and effort to maintain cleanliness and give good quality of sweets and snacks.

Certifications they have:
ISO 22000: 2018 ___ Certificate No: 1011-FSMS-BA-06-0202-SIAC-00895-IN 
U.S Food and Drug Administration ___ Registration Number:  10604731106

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We thank Shree Navinchandra Somabhai Bhavsar(NSB) for keeping the authentic and original Nadiadi Bhusu tradition alive. NSB also provides over 100+ offerings in other snacks and sweets. Navinchandra’s latest vision is “Chandra Snacks”. One can shop for various types of nankeen, including the internationally famous Nadiadi Bhusu, variety of sweets, and quick-serve snacks/food that is made to order on the premises.